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A good domain name is your best employee that will make your visitors find your website easily, boost higher ranking in search engines and many more advantages to improved your brand recognition and achieve a target of your business.

Your transaction will be safe and secure, protected by Payoneer Escrow .
The Internet Escrow Services for Domain Name Transactions (licensed of the U.S. Escrow Company).
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Buyer agree and start the transaction.

Payoneer Escrow
Buyer PAYS to Payoneer Escrow.

Payoneer Escrow SECURE & HOLD THE FUNDS until Buyer received the domain name.

Payoneer Escrow
NameCozy TRANSFER THE DOMAIN NAME to Payoneer Escrow.

Payoneer Escrow
Payoneer Escrow TRANSFER THE DOMAIN NAME to The Buyer.

Buyer RECEIVED THE DOMAIN NAME on their account
Buyer satisfied - transaction completed


Q: Is there any extra cost like escrow fees or anything else?
A: No, there are no hidden fees. Namecozy pays all fees include the escrow fees

Q: What happen after I purchased this domain name?
A: You will have full ownership of this domain after the purchased.

Q: Do I get any services like website, hosting or email inside of this purchase?
A: No, we are sale domain name only but we can give you suggestions of good hosting company if you need it.

Q: Can I ask for cancel after I purchased?
A: No, unfortunately this transaction is a final sale, it's not eligible for cancel, return or exchange.

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