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Helipad.co Domain name without content is for sale

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Domain name transaction securely protected by Escrow.com, licensed Domain Escrow company. Our Escrow partners will ensure this transaction runs smoothly and safely until you receive your domain name.

This price is a one-time payment, once you have purchased this domain name you only have to pay standard renewal fee.


How It Works

Agreement reached

Our escrow partner informs the buyer how to complete the purchase

Buyer submit a payment to the escrow

The Escrow withhold the funds until buyer receive the domain name

Namecozy transfers the domain name to the Escrow service

The escrow transfer the domain name to the Buyer

Buyer received the domain name

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Q: Do we get additional services such as Website, Hosting or Email along with this purchase ?
A: No, we sell domain name only without website and any services.

Q: Is there any additional fees ?
A: Absolutely no, the price we both have agreed is what you pay.

Q: Who will responsible for the escrow fees ?
A: Namecozy pays the escrow fees.

Q: Should I pay for domain transfer ?
A: No, push domain is 100% FREE, FAST and EASY. You will get full control of your domain in few hours.
Our Escrow Partner will assist you with this.

Q: What is push domain ?
A: Push domain is transfer between accounts at the same registrar (internal transfer).

Q: Can I transfer-out this domain from the current registrar ?
A: Of course you can, unless the domain currently is in 60 days transfer locked (ICANN's policy).
Please send us a message we will be happy to inform you about transfer-out possibility.

Q: What is a 60-day transfer lock ?
A: You can find the article here.

Q: How long does it take to transfer-out the domain ?
A: Transfer-out the domain name can take up to 5-7 days or maybe more, depending on the registrar.

Q: And how long does it take to push domain ?
A: Once our escrow partner received clear payments, domain name will be in your account in few hours.

Q: What do you suggest between Push Domain and Transfer-Out ?
A: Push Domain is the good choice, once the domain name is in your account you can always transfer-out anywhere you want.


Please feel free send us a message to support@namecozy.com if you have any questions.